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Have you ever asked yourself, "Who am I?" Apart from all your identities, titles, and all the adjectives you are given to you, have you ever asked yourself, "Who am I?"

While successfully working in corporate life, suddenly realizing that the truth life somewhere, Benay changed her direction towards her. In the process of self-healing she gradually began to change and develop. She began to discover her own beautiful nature and real potential with the support of very valuable teachers and guru that she studied. She thinks that she is still at the very beginning of the road and there is still more to learn and discover.

Benay is very happy to share what she has learned with others. In fact, everything she teaches is what eventually healed her. She has been truly inspired by all that She has gained in her studies that she has only seen improvement and growth. But she knows that this is a journey; she will continue to grow and learn, but along this life path, she is eager to share what she has contributed to her transformation. As a dear friend once told her, "darkness does not exist, there is only absence of light." This has motivated her to continue her personal development.

Benay teachs Sivananda Yoga. She offers Private yoga, Group Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Thai Holistic Therapy.

She is professional Terapist Certified ITEC who has years of experience in the most efficient techniques and body types.

She also studied in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathalogy, Vedic Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Thai Bodywork in London and Chiang Mai Thailand.

Blending of all her knowledge, individual sequences are created according to your specific needs. On your first session she will teach you a sequence of 15-20' so she can get more understanding of your body movement and going forward she will work on a sequence specifically designed for you and your areas of focus.

You will be encouraged to practice your sequence at home between our sessions.

You will find her to be a very caring, nurturing, and ethical practitioner who does her utmost to provide a relaxing environment for her clients. She believes that the human body has its own healing properties and her job as a therapist is to provide her clients with the time and space to allow their bodies to contact that inner knowledge and power. She considers it an honour to aid in a client’s wellness and to facilitate healing.

Yoga instructor & Holistic Health Terapist